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Aanchal Jain is a fiction editor specializing in developmental editing (content editing) and line editing. She holds expertise in polishing manuscripts and readying them for publication for self-publishing and querying authors. She collaborates with independent authors and publishing firms like Penguin Random House, SAGE Publishing, and Half Baked Beans in her capacity as a freelance fiction editor.

Aanchal will use a formula of constructive critique, sundry suggestions, and fulsome feedback to nurture you as an author and help you present the best version of your story to the readers.

When not making tea, she can be found reading, fiddling with her Ukelele, Netflix, and sleeping, playing board games, planning her next workation, and finding sunny spots in her house.

The moment that I saw what my book could look like, I was hooked! Even the minor changes effected by Aanchal made such a large difference in the reading flow. She gave me honest critiques that I knew I needed, offered suggestions, and she works so fast!!  

– M. L. Slack

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Aanchal Jain can be counted as being among the elite of book editors. Her work on my mystery novel, The Blood Island Brooch, made it better and more robust.

– J. PAul Hickey


Developmental Editing

Not sure whether the narrative and structure of your manuscript are flawless? Discover our most comprehensive service that will ready your book for only a brief polish before publication…

Line Editing

Have trouble with language and grammar? Showing more and telling less? Want to find the perfect word to describe that sunset or tree or house or character? Ask for a sample edit to try our line editing services to enhance your beautiful story…


Want to spot the stray double commas and periods and spaces and the three different spellings of your MC’s name cropping up in the nooks and crannies of your manuscript? Our proofread will leave you searching in vain…

Aanchal is great! She goes above and beyond what’s required when editing. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an editor who treats the story like it’s their own!

– Emmaline Morris

Aanchal is an amazing editor! Very professional and careful with details, definitely an excellent option for indie authors to polish the book before publishing. 

– Cesar Zuniga

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