I provide beta reading, manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading services.

Where the author wants assistance in plot doctoring or fact-checking, I take such assignments up on a case-to-case basis with flexible charges.

I am open to performing a sample edit (which will be complimentary) of 1000 words for the author to decide if we are a good fit. I primarily work on Microsoft Word to track changes and provide comments, though other options like Google Docs, are available upon request.

I am well-versed in the Chicago Manual of Style and APA style. For British English, I consult the Oxford Style Manual.

Starting at $800

This service will entail a complete read-through of your manuscript. It is not necessary for the manuscript to be complete. I will address the essence and broad-view issues to refine and polish the manuscript. The feedback will include an appraisal of:

a) Overall structure; b) Consistency of ideas; c) Maintaining the voice of the author throughout the manuscript; d) Maintaining the flow of narrative (technical consistency, gaps in the writing, flow of ideas at play throughout the manuscript); e) Character, scene, and plot development; f) Point of view; g) Engagement and pacing; h) Chapter breaks; I) Timeline consistency.

In consultation and as per the comfort and needs of the author, I will also provide assistance in reworking problematic areas in the manuscript. No grammatical or technical corrections are included with this service.

Starting at $500…

This service will entail a line-by-line review of grammar and consistency. Areas addressed include: a) Awkward phrasing; b) Syntax issues (sentence variety and structure); c) gaps in understanding; d) Repetition; e) Showing vs. telling; f) Best word choices; g) Passive verb elimination; h) Dialogue; i) Clichés and anachronisms; j)chapter breaks; k) timeline consistency.

Copyediting will entail a less intensive version of a line edit with more focus on grammar, spelling, and general readability and not on sentence and paragraph structure.

The edits and suggestions will preserve the author’s intention and voice—natural, in-character, and stylistically consistent.

Starting at $ 300…

This will entail one read-through of your manuscript, during which I will focus on technical concerns, that is, spelling, grammar and consistency, only.

This service will not address plot and characterization. As such, it is suggested for manuscripts at the publishing stage.

Starting at US$ 0.002 per word…

Beta Reading and Manuscript Evaluation will entail a complete read-through of a completed manuscript as an unbiased reader for your particular genre. In addition to feedback on the narrative and the characters, as well as a constructive appraisal of what works or doesn’t work, we will also provide a genuine review, which may or may not be used by the author.

A manuscript evaluation will also include an editorial report commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the story.

Please fill out the form on the home page to receive a quote for any of the above services!

* I offer special rates for serials with more than four installments, discounts on multiple services rendered on the same manuscript, and payment plans for repeat clients. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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